Benefits Of Publishing

The open access movement offers a number of advantages to people cutting across all sections of society.

Most journals and repositories do not impose access costs on the reader. Thus, price barriers are substantially lowered or removed entirely. Authors are thus granted the ability to address a wider audience without the corresponding expenditure. The reach of the articles or materials increases tremendously since readers can retrieve it regardless of their economic status or geographical location.

The research results can be made immediately available to not just others within that community but also those beyond, including other scientists and laypeople.

Stimulating Effects
The quick proliferation of results not only enlivens similar research but also inspires others to make inroads into other areas which may open up as a consequence. Easy access to research material from all fields spurs interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research endeavors.

Impact and Citations
Articles tend to have a much bigger impact in the short-term compared to “subscription-only” work.

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