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Velvina entrenches the welfare of scientific society by promulgating teaching and research on a global scale. Headquarter in Hyderabad, Telangana, and originated with a sheer commitment to serving the scientific and research community by beguiling innovations with a vision to incentivize the prevailing scientists, experts, and young scientists to enlighten the common society.

Velvina Scientific Publications does not receive funding from any institution or government. Hence, the progress of the journal is solely financed by the article processing charges (APC) received from the authors. We strongly assure you that the journals of Velvina scientific publications are peer-reviewed periodical and dedicated to the proliferation and dissemination of scholarly research results.

By emphasising the requirements of scientists, students, and research scholars, we aspire to be the leading provider of open access publications, with an array of prestigious academic international journals staunchly committed to serving the research community. We publish articles in various formats, i.e., HTML, PDF, and digital, that can be freely accessed by scientists, students, and the research community RIGHT AWAY after publication.

We strive to accomplish in this new era of finest quality media to the user and OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS with all your support.


Velvina Scientific Publications are determined to achieve its mission by assisting and encouraging researchers around the world. Our vision is to contribute more to the advancement of knowledge and general discoveries by increasing the number of academic articles we publish and providing free online access to high-quality research information.


By setting the exploration network at the core of all that we do, we make progress toward a future where analysts are persuaded to cooperate, engaged with the devices and administrations they need to do as such, and liberated from any hindrances that hinder them. We mean to amplify the effect of logical examination through transparency and a worldwide joint effort, as we really accept that science works best when exploration is open.


Velvina Publishes Journal for Scholarly Communication That Makes Research Information Available to Readers at Zero Cost, As Opposed to The Traditional Subscription Model in Which Readers Have Access to Information by Paying a Subscription. Velvina Focuses on Inter Disciplinary Techniques and State of The Art Research Among Vivid Disciplines Related to Different Fields

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